Considering start using this app

Hello, I have watched some videoes and pretty much like what I see.
However these are demonstrations and clean designs.

I have used TurboCAD few years for my on and off CAD world.

Last month I have worked on a tubular building design. and wounder how Shapr will perform in this and a couple of others. I could not see easy how it will be done. Possible with some demo ?

First issue is I do not see how to add pictures/files here ?

Best regards

Hi Iverin,

In regards of testing Shapr3D you can download and install it for free and use all the modelling tools with the restriction to two designs.
Youll find more info here:

Cheers Matt

Thanks for the prompt reply! I have already made an account for the free one.
14 days test is very short time since I never know my days and most likely have very little
time to review in 14 days. So I will try do mo review in the free v.

I missed the upload… but here is my challance in my already drawn construction.

Notice the braces/stiffeneres are med flat at the end for weld to the 2" 60.3 mm tubular pipe. (mos be)
Not fillet yet… last thing I do.

In my program Its pretty much manual 2D sketching to attach the smaller 27.2mm tube between.
Align and extrude.

I am very curious how this would be done.

The total height of the vertical with braces is 3000mm I could always supply more dimension.
But want to hear little first and get it started.

Notice last picture In new post due to only possible with one for new user I have lofted the braces end shapes I have slided the pressed end and put inside main verticals tubes 0.5mm to compensate for radius.
Other option I used was extrud the surface, but this operation I think was not needed.

How will this be done in Shapr ?

Best regards

Here’s one approach to flatten the end of the tubular brace. A slight variation in the initial subtractin of the sides at the tube can give you a more parallel end piece.


Thanks TigerMike,

Very interesting approach, it may be useful but not sure about its better ??

Some info to be aware off is after pressed the material keeps all the OD but flatten.
I have cheated little since I dont believe the strange test will fail here… But you can see in the some shape.

Also see its completely flat at end… I used 0.2mm to just have some to more easy work with.

Another thing is… The angle ones have other shape… longer cut.

One of my bigger questions is also how is the cross braces placed towards the main vertical tubing ?

Best regards