Constraints….locking in a body

You can use restraints with lines, and sketches, however is their a way to restrain (lock in or ground) a body. For me, restraining the first body of a large assembly would reduce the likelihood of me misaligning a part down the line in my assembly. Since working in Shapr3d I never found a way to restrain a body, but I also realize that it could be a feature that I’m overlooking. So my question is, can a body be locked?

It is a question and not a request for an additional feature.

Hi Ed,
I cannot find a way to fixate a body either - but we might as well be both blind. :wink:
I think sooner or later the Shapr3D-Team might provide us with parametric mating and with this a way to fixate bodies is likely to come. But maybe @Istvan can give a little forecast on the roadmap in this regard?
One question: Is this topic here the same as this one?

If so, maybe someone could merge the threads?
Until a possibility to fixate bodies is implemented it will remain best practice to take care while using the move/rotate-feature. :wink:
Cheers Matt

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I can’t share details, but this is something that we find important and coming sooner than later.