Locking layers or folders

Locking layers or folders within a 3D drawing
Ok so i have started working on multiple construction planes but i like to use the ground plane as a referent layer for the rest of my 3 d design is there any way to lock different files or layers so that once you have finalised them they can be locked in place so that you cant edit or move them them without unlocking
I’m currently working on the internal design of mobile catering vans so floor and wall is important
Any help advice or work around would be helpful thanks

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Hi, Jay! Currently, it’s not possible to lock in 3d bodies. Based on your description a workaround can be to set the body to be invisible on the Items window.
This way you can not move the body mistakenly and you can actually create a design on the same position where the body is placed without any interference.

The problem with the is that I need the underlying drawing for reference. So if I hide it I can’t see it or where I need to put stuff

I was so excited about the potential of this program. But without a work around
And without being able to lock sketches it looks like going to have to go back to rhino fo the 3d work

Think about it
I want to make up different kitchen components and then slot whichever one I news into the interior of a van.
But if you can’t lock them then every time you try something else it compromises the whole layout

Is there a plan to get lockable layers in the foreseeable. Future or is it a lost cause?

get back to me

Jay Emery

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I am trying to understand the NEED to Lock the Bodies, i.e., what will it specifically achieve to enable the Design of Kitchen Cabinets to be installed. Regardless of where that may be, a Mobile/Static/Camper Van, a House Kitchen or [in one case I’m my Kitchen Design life] the Tower of London.
Three Cabinets placed in the same Files.app Folder will stay in position without locking them.
To view the Sketch of your Design simply Move it from under the Cabinets into a space where it will be visible.



I attempted to show that by placing individual Objects in individual Files using Files.app
They can easily be Imported into any Design.

Starting with this simplistic representation, the DarkBlue Cabinet is elevated to show it’s origin Sketch, a row of Cabinets was created. Originally there were 6 Cabinets and then two were joined as one using Union:

This was Duplicated 5 times and all but one Cabinet was left in each file.
These 5 Files, shown here in Design Thumbnails were saved in Files.app:

This shows the easy way of ‘building’ the finished Design:

Unfortunately the Pencil does not show while using Files.app

Hi Jay, this is a frequently requested feature. We will definitely implement it at some point of time, but we don’t know it yet when.

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As a long time CAD user, this is one of the first things I was looking for. It’s very easy to accidentally select an object and start to manipulate it when you don’t want to. Layer or object locking will be a great asset to the software. I hope that it is added sooner than later!

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This is a very clumsy and in fact unusable work around!

Locking layers/folders is definitely a must and should be implemented immediately.
Complex designs with dozens of parts or lots of parts with very different sizes which need to be adjusted perfectly can’t be handled by making necessary parts invisible (this may be just enough when designing a cupboard… but not for serious technical designs!)

I just started using shaper 3D recently, but I have exactly the same problem right now. Hope the developer will fix this soon😱