Construction plane

Simple one… how increase the size of a construction plane without using the scale tool.
I’m not sure what decides the initial size of the new plane but I have not been able to resize it other then scale tool.

I have never found a way other than the Scale tool. In my usage, the plane is almost always too small. Curious why the default size is not larger? A source of frustration to be removed?



The maximum coverage of an S3D Plane would seem to be the limit.

In the following note the Dimensions of the Closed Sketch Rectangle:

If you are needing a specific Size or Sizes of Construction Plane(s) saving them individually as shapr. Files would be a convenient way of opening the respective Design(s).

Remember that it is essential to keep only the generated Plane and that this could be created on any Plane of choice.

Agree but I am old-school where lines and planes are essentially infinite. So making one larger just doesn’t seem quite right.



I am also old-school, possibly a tad older than yours, and fully appreciate your sentiments.
However present me with a problem and I will probably find a solution.
To do this it may be necessary, as in this case, to find an alternative MO, or discover the limitations of the software?

Although the Add > Construction plane [CP] feature indicates an area slightly larger than the Closed Sketch, chosen as the base surface, it actually covers the entire area of the S3D Plane.
Sketch a small Circle to use as the base surface, zoom out until it is still possible to use as a starting Point for a Line and extend this beyond the White coloured CP:

The CP has been Selected to show it’s limits:

Interesting! Thanks for the insight.



For anyone interested, and prepared to fully read and absorb information, there is more on this subject at:

For those prepared to administer the situation it is potentially practical for a single Design to contain Hundreds of Sketches.
All perfectly usable and manageable by Hiding Sketches that are not in use.

On a large scale the Administration is likely to be more time consuming than the Design.
Without adequate Administration it would be easy to create a messy situation.
This gives rise to consideration of alternatives. One that I consider preferable, keeps Design File Sizes smaller rather than larger.
One such alternative uses the Files App to contain Folders to hold Design Files and this will ease the burden of Administration.
Importing only Bodies from the Design Files into an Assembly File will keep all things S3D at the usual rapid response rate.