Cannot draw on construction plane

My nerves… guys i need help, iam so frustrated… no matter what i do, when i put on a new construction plane, it keeps sketching beyond it. What do i have to do to sketch directly on my plane? I even tried to select it so its blue (indicates as selected) and them i pressed “sketch” but it still did draw behind this plane.

Did you double tap the construction plane with your finger? Pencil and finger are different.

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No, will try

You can also tap on the plane with the pencil and select Sketch from the tools to the left. It does the same thing.

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Hi there, I’m having this problem but I’m on a macbook pro - so I tried double clicking on the trackpad - or selecting first the plane and then the sketching - I accidentally got it to work once but I can’t figure out the combination of keys/clicks I used to get it - any help is appreciated - this works fine on my ipad.

Hi so it seems I’ve found the answer - if I hover my cursor over the plane and at the same time press the space bar then that plane is selected for drawing.

Happy days.