Construction planes offset from main planes


is this possible, e.g. selecting the XY plane as base and creating a CP with offset or selecting one of the principal axis for CP definition?


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Hi, I do not completely understand your question and from what I understand I can suggest that you insert a construction plane. The plane can be repositioned to be on the XY using the Move/Rotate tool and you can use this as your base.

Here’s our great video on the construction plane feature:

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Well, I do need to select a face or sketch first. Im looking for a way to place the plane just referencing a base plane. E.g. start an empty model, place a CP with no sketch in there yet…

Hi Max, I now understand what you mean. This is currently not possible in the app as you will need a sketch, edge, or face for reference. I will share your feedback with our product team.

Allright, thank you!

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Any update on this? It’s been 2 years since the feature request

Use add plane through 3 points on the XY plane, then the move tool to offset it.

Offset plane only works on planar objects, and uses the target face to bound the size of the plane.