New Sketch Planes?

Very confused by sketch planes. I don’t want to continually sketch on plane one. I feel like sometimes by whatever I do, I get multiple sketch planes, but when I want to I cannot.

I tried adding an offset construction plane, sketching on top of that but its still plane 1. Copied sketches are still the same sketch plane. Even imported sketches are still on the sketch plane.

Sorry I find this really confusing.

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Think of it this way:

A sketch plane is locked to a position, and it’s “infinite”. Let’s say your base sketch plane (Sketch plane 01) is the XY plane. You sketch something around the origin. Then you want to sketch something else, away from the origin. Even if you are 100m away, if you sketch on the XY plane, it will be the same Sketch plane 01.

If you want a new plane, it needs to be placed to a different position. E.g. you can create a construction plane, and move it away from the position of sketch plane 1. In this case, if you sketch on it, a new Sketch plane 02 will show up in the Items menu.

If you sketch on a face of a body, and it’s not positioned to the same place as Sketch plane 01, a new plane will be created.

I hope it helps.

Thanks. It seems after I post a question I always find some kind of work around. I found simply turning a sketch 90 degrees when I try to sketch flat again from he top I get a new plane. Knowing that is enough for me to work around my issue. Thanks!