Convert Entities (solidworks)

Hey guys,
I’m super proficient in solidworks and really liking how quickly I can design in shapr3D but I cant find a tool equivalent of “convert entities.” Any solidworks guys have any tips? It is useful for take line geometry (vector) off a surface.


Hi @SpaceFace, I am super happy that you enjoy Shapr. Can you show a example of how you want to use it?

Hi Istvan,

i have run in to this same issue, i am also proficient in solidworks but enjoying Shapr3d on my MacBook

Convert entities is used when you are sketching on a plane and there is sone geometry on that plane already and you would like to use the outline of this as part of this new sketch.

in solidworks you can click the outline of this geometry and press convert entities and these lines are now added into your current active sketch instead of having to reconstruct the lines

here’s a really basic example (its more useful for curved surfaces compared to lines) SolidWorks Tutorial - Lesson 16: Convert Entities - YouTube

Would Project not work? I know it works if the sketch plane is offset from the object, but I’m not sure if it works when the object plane and sketch plane are coincident. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the feature.