'projecting' a closed sketch from body edges

trying to project a closed sketch from a body I created. I no longer have the closed sketch from which I extruded from. Is it possible to recapture these lines in a closed sketch? …‘project’ doesn’t seem to do anything here.


If it is the top of the table that was extruded (and deformed), just tap on it to get in its plane and draw the lines around its periphery. That should get you a closed sketch.

If not the table top, not sure what was extruded…

Have never heard of Reflect?

Why do you need this.



Blockquote Why do you need this.


Because I would like to perform the task as fast and as simply as possible. If it’s super easy to extrude off a closed sketch, it should be just as easy to revert that outline off the body back to a closed sketch. Instead of re-drawing the lines. I just re-drew the closed sketch because I couldn’t fine any user-friendly methods to get back to that closed sketch. Not a huge deal in this application, but what if I have a more complex body and I need to revert to a closed sketch?..Sounds like a real mess. Also, how can you hide a closed sketch that was extruded? The whole reason I deleted it because I simply didn’t want it in the viewer window while I worked.

Blockquote Have never heard of Reflect?


typo: I meant PROJECT in constraints.

You can hide/display sketches via Groups.





OK got it. So basically don’t delete anything, just hide stuff through groups. It sounds impossible/arduous to revert to a closed sketch from a body without re-drawing then, correct?

It seems fairly simple to recreate any closed sketch. Just did a test for a cube in seconds.

image image image !

Extruded a cube, displaced and deleted its sketch.

image image image image !

Then go to Bottom view and tap to draw on that face of cube. Draw four lines and you have your sketch back.

When I started using S3D I would keep all the sketches but if you are doing 3D designs, just why do you need them?



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I have no features on my Shapr3D like what you just showed. Never have seen a “pen” function, I only get turquoise colors when I click on a face. You have this navy-blue color I’ve never seen on my copy of the software. Interesting. Like, what else am I missing…

According to the app store, I have the latest version. I’m on 3.6.3 (4093). How can I get that functionality in the app? I’m not buying pro until dev and everyone on the other side of the tracks are on the same page. This is whack.

You also have a different menu than I do. What’s going on here? I thought trial users have the same app as pro subscribers?

No conspiracy theory here. I am using the Beta version which has features which should soon be in the production version. You can request to be a Beta tester but sometimes that entails having situations that don’t quite work out. It is a test environment and one can lose work, although I never have. I make sure that all is well backed up. And if you work on a design in the Beta, you (sometimes?) cannot go back to the regular version for a design modified in the Beta. It is a bit like walking on the wild side…

But everything I did in your case could have been done even with a very old version.



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alright. the old version has chops? -somebody show me how it’s done then. On the old version please

Nice to see the new version has improvements

I’ve found that once something is extruded, modifying certain aspects is next to impossible in this app. Gotta revert to the 2D sketch plane. That seems to be the path of least resistance in the old version IMO anyway. Obviously I haven’t been using this app very long, there’s some things that are very intuitive and some things that make me want to throw the iPad across the room. I’m no idiot, there’s a decent learning curve & workflow I can easily get into & love about this app, but I hit these unnecessary road blocks involving simple procedures… there’s no need to design software to make it difficult. It’s a creative tool. Would love to stay in that honed-in workflow without hitting a roadblock and then digging into how-to videos (which are dated vs the UI) or then finally creating topic on the forum only to find people are using an entirely different & upgraded version.

EDIT: also tried several times to draw/trace/replicate the closed sketch from a body that I previously deleted. No dice. But nice to know that feature is doable in the new version. Will make sure I never delete anything until then. Thanks

would like to bump this topic - i too find that it would be really useful to be able to turn the edges of an object back into a sketch.

tommyn, your cube example is way to simple, it is obviously easy to re draw a square! try this with a complex shape…

i definitely feel this way about shapr3d

We would love to hear about those issues and annoying things that are causing difficulties. Can you elaborate on it a bit please?

The project tool does exactly this.

thanks istvan, that worked! i now have another issue where i cant offset my projected sketch: i get “can’t fill in gap in generated offset edges” should i open a new ticket for this?

regarding the issues and annoying things, i’ve been trying to make this offset for two days now (only about 4hrs actual trying). i managed to make it work in a previous model, but then i needed to start over because i made it too big in one dimension and i couldnt then shorten the body because of another error “operation failed invalid result body” and i could not find a way round it. (i then opened a ticket but could not find a way to upload a video of the issue).

another issue i encountered is that i couldnt pull a closed sketch until i hid the main object that the sketch was part of… not super intuitive.

another issue is the line/curve sketch tool - i was trying to make a curve but a) wiggling the pen did not reliably switch from straight to curve, and then b) when it did go to a curve it curved the ‘wrong’ way from the direction i wanted it too and only fleetingly would switch the the side i wanted but would then switch back before i got to my destination.

another issue, there does not seem to be a tool that i can use to get a length measurement (the selection info at the bottom does not cover all the possible scenarios)

another, how can i add points to an existing line?

there are more things, but i will leave it there for now. thanks for your help, it is very much appreciated!

hey sorry, one more question, a bit more “philosophical” i guess :wink:

why is there a difference between a ‘sketch’ line and the ‘edge’ of a body? arent they the same thing?

@Larry In this ScreenShot:

  1. The Sketch for the Cube [consisting of 4 Sketches [meaning in this case 4 Straight Lines forming a Rectangle] is shown below it.

  2. The Cube was extruded from the Sketch 01 at this point the two are separate.[Not shown]

  3. The Cube [Body 01] is moved upwards as shown emphasising the point regarding separation.

  4. A Construction Plane [CP] was Added to the right of the Cube

  5. The Face parallel and nearest to the CP was Projected onto that CP, choosing the Edges option. A similar effect is produced if you select Sketches, in this case.

  6. The Projected Edges formed a new Sketch 02 [Note the Sketch is Highlighted in the items List as is the actual Sketch on the CP]

  7. Observe the differences between Lines and Edges
    The Lines are part of the Sketches, not all of the Body Edges are represented in Sketches
    The Edges are part of the Body, some of those Edges are not present [as Lines] in the Sketches
    Has this helped the understanding of the differences?

So the lines making up the CP are sketches too? 8 total? If not, where do other 4 come from?

Just asking because when I went to school and studied mathematics in the last century, planes were infinite and did not have boundaries.



@tommyn Thanks for your input.
You brought to my attention the fact that I chose the wrong image to present.
In the correct image[not shown] I did not accidentally give the CP an extra touch enabling its Perimeter to become part of Sketch 02 [as shown]

My hope was that anyone interested would perform the actions for themselves to get the feel of S3D.
I could present the correct image but by not doing so may encourage interested parties to give it a shot?