Projecting sketches on construction plane issues

I am using 5.520.6133.0 #743be88d on a Windows PC.

I created a whole bunch of sketches on a single plane and want to move some of them to different planes for better control of their visibility and easier extrusion. I have created the additional construction planes and am attempting to project the sketches to them, but am having a couple of issues.

  1. I am getting an invalid selection warning when in Sketch mode and using Project - Sketches. I select Project - Sketches from the toolbar, select four connected lines, then click the construction plane below the lines and get an error stating invalid selection.
  2. When using the Project button under Tools, I get geometry I can’t edit. I click Project, select the four lines, then click the construction plane and the lines appear on the plane. When I hide the original geometry and try to work on the projected geometry, it is a light purple color and I cannot edit anything. If I try to move the lines, they are constrained, but no constraints are shown selected in the constraint toolbar. Sometimes I can attach a new line to the nodes on the projected geometry, sometimes I can’t.

I’m really struggling with grasping how the projected lines work on a plane, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

FYI…I’m trying to replace Sketchup with Shapr3D in my daily workflow for proof of concept models. I’m starting a new project at work and thought this would be an ideal time to test it out. I’d like Shapr3D to compliment AutoCAD, which we use for releasing all of products for fabrication, because it’s renderings are way better than Sketchup.

When you start sketching, you already have an active sketch plane and that’s the preselected default plane to project. It’s represented as a temporary target CG plane. You only have to choose the items you want to project.
Projection under Tools asks also for a target plane as well.

Projected entities are part of the history tree. You can not directly edit them, because they depend on the previous topology for a good reason. We are going to support breaking the link between them eventually, but until then there’s a workaround. Select the projected sketches, copy and move them out from their current plane and hide the projected sketch. Activate the copied sketch, reposition the sketch plane to the one you’d like:

Hey Zoltan…that is an awesome name!

OK…I reproduced what you showed in both of your videos. They were very helpful and make perfect sense, so thank you.