Sketch Management

I am trying to find out if I can move sketch geometry from one sketch to another. Is this possible?

For a simple example…I have a sketch of a square with lines a,b,c,d. At the moment Shapr3D assigns all four lines to one sketch. I want to be able to assign line b and d to another sketch which will then give me to option to switch the off lines b and d when needed.

Thank you

Hello, welcome to the Shapr3d community! This is not possible in Shapr3d. Sketches are organised based on planes and this can not be manually rearranged. A new sketch group is formed when you sketch on a different plane.

Thank you for the prompt reply. I understand. So there is no way I can move lines b and d onto a different plane which will force Shapr to create a new sketch group?

Thanks again

You are welcome.
Yes, there is currently no way to move sketch components around on the Items menu. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hi Victor,
Ok, I understand that you cannot move sketch “entities” from one sketch to another, but by the same token, Shapr3d does it on its own and I found this very frustrating!
For instance, when one wants to move and copy part of a sketch, Shapr3d will create a new sketch for those entities… why is that?
Or you have a drawing with numerous sketches and each arranged in separate folders and then hidden to de-clatter the page as you wish to start a new sketch with a “clear” page, but as soon as you start sketching something, Shapr3d will bring up an existing sketch on its own even though it was hidden for that specific reason i.e. not wanting to mix entities from different sketches! So how does one starts a new sketch or dictate which sketch to expand on?
Thank you in advance for your time in response to this query.
Regards Alain

Hi Alain! Thanks for reaching out. Sketches entities are sorted based on planes for example all sketches on the same plane will be on the same sketch folder. Also when you want to start a new sketch on a plane all hidden sketches on that plane becomes visible. This is how it works currently and we will be working on improving the sketch funtionality, so your feedbcak is welcome. We will appreciate if you can tell us some use cases on how being able to manually rearrange your sketches will help your workflow.

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the smoking fast response, it is much appreciated and welcome.

I am not sure how to interpret you last question and hope I got your meaning correctly wish the following explanation.

As I am new to Shapr3d and the CAD scene for that matter, there are things that may seem “logical” to me, but which does not necessarily eventuate in Shapr3d.

As mentioned earlier, my main issue is with managing sketches and keeping group together. It would seem logical to me that is you were to move or move and copy a particular set of entities within a sketch from say the 3D environment, that these entities remain within the confines of that sketch and not a new one. I have the grown the habit of copying and trimming entities. The issue with sketches as I am experiencing it, is that the ‘Trim’ tool can only work with entities of that same sketch, which I must admit find it very inconvenient… this really my main issue at this point in time and of course trying to guess on which sketch my next move will effect… I hope this is what you were asking.

Best Regards


Hello, thought I might weigh in on the Sketch/2D topic. I used AutoCAD in my work for nearly 30 years and find navigating anything else cumbersome…However, I don’t expect AutoCAD quality on an iPad and a “beer budget”.

The biggest problem I’m having is modeling complex items, say, such as a pump. I first make a sketch oh each part, then model it and then assemble the parts. I keep all my sketches of each part so changes can be made later. The main issue comes as sketches and models take up space farther and farther from 0,0,0. As the field fills up the app gets slower and slower. On way I’ve found to help is to select the plane again and everything starts working again, this would be fine if it stayed in the area you were working. Instead it return to 0,0,0 leaving you to find where you were working.

If you could tag everything to a single file say, “VANE”, all pertaining to this part could be contained in this file. This would allow you to do most of your work around 0,0,0 saving hours of sketch time per project.



Makes total sense. Better sketch management is definitely a priority for us. We are working on some big secret stuff now, but once we are done with those, we will get back to items and sketch menu improvements.

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