Converted solid always going back to mesh

Hello dear forum community, I have a problem that’s driving me crazy. I extruded an SVG file in TinkerCAD and then imported it into Shapr3D to print it. When I open it in the Bambu Lab Slicer, it is much too large, but at least it can be printed. However, when I scale it down in the slicer, the solid body disappears, and there’s nothing left to print. The same thing happens when I change it in Shapr3D, such as changing the size. Why is this happening? And how can I turn this extruded SVG into a body that I can modify in any way and then print? I would be very grateful for any help or suggestions! :slight_smile:

Are you by chance using STL file format? It doesn’t include units data and so slicers use MM often import STLs in inches as gigantic. I forget the scale difference. I think it’s >25 to one (the inverse of 0.0393701?).

I had this problem in the beginning using Shapr. I had to remember to change the project from inches to MM before exporting.

I no longer use STL, I use 3mf file for printing.

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25.4 to one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, thanks for your answer. I think this could be a problem. I now export files as *.dxf and extrude them myself. No problems anymore :wink: