Copy object

Is there a way to copy objects from one design to another.
So far I tried to keep all projects in design and then copy it for the next project.
Too many folders for a clean structure …
Import of native S3D file into a design would be a good starting point.

Not sure what problem you are having. You can export a design as S3D file, save in your Files, then open a new blank design and import that file. I have done that to keep versions separate. But it does require Pro as I recall.

Hi, we have a Shapr3d native file format as shown in the attached image.

Simply export the design in this format and then re-import it into a new workspace.

How can I export only one shape vs the whole file? Sometimes I model a concept in an old copy of a project before importing into the current project and I want to only carry over the new component. In the past I have created the new part, deleted everything else and then exported which allowed me to import only the residual part. In the export script box, a ‘export only selected parts’ would be the answer.


Hi Jim, to export only a part of your design

  • Hide other parts through the Items window as described in the article below leaving only the object to be exported visible on the workspace

  • Export the workspace in X_T format

  • Only the visible object will be exported and then you can re-import the workspace(object) into the new workspace:

I hope that this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks Victor
Problem solved, it was a misleading folder name (identical to existing X_T filename)
Still would be great to export selected folders without loosing the folder names, as with x_t export/import.

To achieve what you require navigate to the Design Thumbnails Page, hit the leftmost Icon in the Top Left Menu [4 Rectangles].
Tap and Hold the Design to be Copied until it is Selected/Highlighted.
A Light Blue Menu will appear at the Upper Right, choose the Duplicate option.
Work in the Design ‘copy’ version deleting as required.
Then Name and Export as an S3D File and store it in a Folder suitably named for easy retrieval in future.
It takes much less time to do than read.

selecting a few folders would be less time consuming than deleting many …
For now its a solution which lets me create a library with S3D files containing reusable objects.