Export part of a shapr model into another shapr design

Hi, could you point me in the right direction re copying part of a design into a different one. Eg have a template of a set of glazed doors that i am using on different jobs that i dont have as a separate design (they are part of a big garden office design). Would like to know the most efficient way of selecting and the dropping into another design?

Make all parts other parts invisible except the one you want to export. Export as Shapr locally. Open other project, import Shapr file you exported.

Correction here. If you export as a Shapr3D file, it will save all entities including hidden bodies.

Export a single body as either STEP or X_T, then import that file into a different design or workspace.


You lose some editability though don’t you?

No loss of edibility at all as far as I know. I have exported individual bodies to my iMac via Airdrop and then re-imported from my iMac to a different Shapr workspace, again via Airdrop. Works like a charm.
I could have done the export to iPad Files or iCloud but I chose Airdrop so I could use those parts in my iMac version of Shapr3D if I wanted to.

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Yes you are correct for Iges and Step files maybe more. Stl not editable. Good to know.

It would be nice for the “Include hidden bodies” check box for ALL formats.

I’ve imported many STEP files and I can tell you that they are certainly editable within Shapr3D. That said, the “native” format for Shapr3D objects is x_t, i.e. Parasolid, so they require the least work for Shapr3D to import. I haven’t seen where they’re more or less editable than STEP files once imported.

Make a copy of the design, delete all unwanted elements from the copy, export as shapr file and import into the new file.

I would still like to see a parts bin that can be opened in all projects. Drop the object/drawing in the bin, use it in the next project. Holds Up to 10 objects for example? Open the parts bin and drag the object into the next project.


I am still searching for some proper solution.

Read TigerMike’s reply

Yeah, thanks I got the solution!

@fredlef No need to copy the design. Just hide all the objects you don’t want to export and then make sure “include hidden objects” is not enabled when you do the export.