How to import sketches into another sketch

Hello there, I would like to combine three designsI have drawn in Shapr into a separate 4th Shapr design. The only way I can figure to achieve this right now is to upload them to Google Drive and then import them into the 4th design. What is doesn’t allow me to do is to import the second and third design into the 4th. Anyone know the workaround, or does Shapr have a copy paste function that I am not aware of?
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Export your 3 sketch in shapr format on your iPad. Import those 3 in a 4th design. We are aware that this isn’t the most comfortable way to do this :disappointed:

Is this still the current answer?

Yes. They also need export selected body/bodies tick box. Im making collections of bodies. And want to package them separately. Easier to work as a collection. Not easy to break them up.

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This is definitely a hit to usability

Any update on this feature, or copy / paste between drawings? Being able to model common items in separate files and/or copy/paste details you’ve already modeled elsewhere would be very desirable

Yeah +one here copy to clipboard would be great.