Create body from absence?

I subtracted from my original body to create a hole. What I want to do is create a separate body that fits into this slot. I think the screenshot will better explain what I mean because I never know the right terminology to use to describe what I’m trying to do.

The Body that was Subtracted exactly fits into the space
Repeat the exercise from scratch and use the Keep Original feature top left


Trying this tomorrow thanks!

When I came back to this today I found that I could not backtrack to where I was before I made that hole anymore. :frowning: I’ll have to start all over I guess.

Without a BackUp it means that you have to do more work.
Hopefully you still have the Sketches used to create the Bodies? It is good practice to Hide rather than Delete Sketches. If you have access to Sketches that may lighten the load a little.
Any Notes regarding Dimensions involved will also help.

Ongoing I strongly recommend that a BackUp is made regularly, particularly when, e.g., removing part of the Tube to form the aperture.
Hit the Design Thumbnails Icon leftmost in top left menu [4 Rectangles].
Press and Hold on the Design in progress until it’s user edges turn Blue
Near the top right a set of Options is available.
Choose Duplicate, this will name or rename the Design with Copy or append Copy to the name.
Ensure that every Design is appropriately Named in a manner that best informs regarding the content.
Leave the Original Design as a BackUp and work on the Copy version.
This is a really easy process to do and it takes very little time.
The most tedious aspect is the Naming of Designs and Filing them away in the iPad Files App.
The alternative is to search through all your Design Thumbnails every time you need a specific Design.
Note there is no satisfactory way to maintain Design Thumbnails in any specific order, every time a Design is opened it moves to the top left position.

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Managed to recreate the design and back to this part of the effort. I’m not seeing a keep original option anywhere. A square box appears and gives me the option of “New body”, “Union”, “Subtract”, and “Intersect”. If I use Intersect I get the shape I want but it erases the other main piece. Where’s keep original?

Before you create that recess in the curved body, make a duplicate of the body and move it to some known distance like 50mm. Next create that recess you want to achieve. Then move the copied body on top of the newly recessed one. Proceed to Subtract the newly recessed body (clicking keep original) from the one you moved back and then you will have that door or cover that matches the recess.

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Actually I did exactly the opposite of that but it was the same thing. I copied the body, moved it back, used the intersect option instead of subtract, then I moved the body back. Realized I had to still make the hole in the copy body.

Yes, Intersect or Subtract will work.

You asked a question 'where is the Keep Original. It appears top left in Tools > Subtract.

Another way to produce the end result, it also requires two copies of the Curved Body.

  1. The Triangular Closed Shape was pulled through the Body+Aperture, use the appropriate portion of the Spline to form the Curved side of the triangular shape.
  2. Body+Aperture was hidden and the Large upside-down Closed L Shape was pulled through the BodyCutOut:

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