Separation of sketches

I think this post will need to be converted to a feature request but I figured I would try asking for help first. I regularly use modeling software to create multiple concepts in one file. Usually this is something I am more than capable of doing in Shapr3d(my original exposure to CAD was Solidworks and AutoCad) as the number of concepts per file were only a couple and the complexity of each were mild. I am recently using Shapr3d to do some floor plan models for a house remodel and I have begun to run into some issues.
My work flow is this:
-Create initial drawing of the current floor plan of the house, north wall on the X axis drawn with a top down view.
-once that drawing is complete, I select the whole drawing and move it to the right using the copy option. This gives me an original and a copy.
-I then modify the copy as my first concept.
-I highlight the first concept, use the copy feature with the move feature and shift a copy in the Y direction. I then use this copy to extrude a 3D version of the concept.
-Go back to either my original or concept one and highlight, copy, move to the right down the X axis.
-Begin modifying this copy as a concept 2.
-Rinse and repeat.

Previously in other software, this could happen virtually indefinitely without issue. In Shapr3d it seems to link all sketches as one since they are all on the same plane. Because they are all linked, by the time I get to the second or third concept there is a ton of lag in the app because every time I “enter” the sketch it is highlighting and referencing every sketch and I can only assume that is too much to do all at once. I have figured out how to project one of my sketches up the Z axis to put it in a different plane as a work around. But creating these multiple concepts in a “stair step” orientation as opposed to a linear one is quite cumbersome. I would suck it up and do a new file for each concept, though not at all preferred either, but I can’t find a way to copy and paste a sketch elsewhere. Also, is there not a way to adjust the rules for auto constraints? I am constantly running into efficiency issues with having to “unlock” components, or add different constraints, just to make an edit to say the length of a line without it distorting everything connected to it.

Hi @Dble0 , this is how it already works in the parametric beta.

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