Copying component from one model file to another

Am using an iPad Pro 2020, 11 Inch. I have read the manual, tried Copying a component to the clipboard and pasting in another file, but no luck. IE, I have a component of one model I wish to re use in another model in another Shapr3D file. If there is a way and it’s obvious and I am overlooking it, very sorry!

Export as a Parasolid X-T or X_B or a Shapr format. Then import to your project. There are a few threads on the subject on the best formats and methods. HTH. :upside_down_face:

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That’s a most ridiculous and time wasting solution. Why can’t we just copy the selection (say, a bolt), to the clipboard and then paste it into a separate Shapr3D file, like one can with any other app, from Adobe Illustrator to MS Word? This single emission makes using the app for professional work impossible as it’s way way too slow. After all, if I have model with several hundred components and want to re-use one or two, (in our case a roof gutter), you have to 1. Duplicate the file. 2. Delete all the components except the gutter from one of the files. 3. Export it. 4. Import it into the new file where you wish to re-use it. We tried this yesterday and even that was buggy, because the exported file was greyed in Google Drive and I recall iCloud, but would only show up when saved to the iPad locally. Come on guys, Copy and Paste of components between files is basic functionality of all operating systems and apps going back decades. Thank you for listening.


Yes yes yes we’ve been hounding them about this. :cry:

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