Copy shapes from one design to another design


Been a user for a month now, done lots of tutorials and learnt a lot.

Is there a workflow solution to copy parts of one design into another design? By using either Shapr3D or exporting to another CAD program?

Reason I asked is I have a complicated design with over 50 parts, and when coming to 3D printing I am lost trying to 3D print just one part of the design, hence having to create a copy then deleting everything I don’t want printed (takes 15 long minutes). Surely there is a better way to copy from one design to another.

Please help

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Hi Bob

Just make all the models you don’t want to print invisible (in the group/file column down left) and then export as printfile. Don’t select invisible parts to export. You will print only the visible ones

For me what i miss the most in shapr3d is a proper selection tool with dragging the mouse for group selection and export/ copy function/ print function of the selected parts only. Maybe ad a fifth export possibility “save to the clipboard” in that way you could import from the clipboard in another file. As you say it would be much easier for complex models if you could design them in separate files and copy them easily to the same file afterwards or use parts of previous designs for a new design.

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Hi Bob,

@Fco2’s solution is the best way to do it. Hide all other bodies and export just the visible bodies.

Go to Items, and hide them, one by one - this is the best solution currently

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Rob please tell us the outcome of this solution.

Like many users I often need to utilise a portion of one Design in another.
My MO is to Duplicate the Original Design [ this takes less time than Exporting and then Importing].
Rename and use the copied version.
Delete, rather than hide, the unneeded Items [it takes precisely the same time to achieve]

Why do I chose this option?
In my early hours with S3D the suggested method was discovered.
However the suggested method has never functioned as expected.

I am running the latest version of S3D, so what is happening?

NB. I have just followed the suggested process and the end result was everything, regardless of whether Hidden or not, all Items remain in the Exported-Imported File.

Hi Gelphyn - I actually had to test exporting a model hiding parts of the model and it worked great. You simply need to have the “Include hidden Items too” export option turned off as shown in the image below

Thanks for this information Victor.

It is noted that it is not a straightforward Export of a Shapr 3D Design, but an Export of a 3D Model in specifically STEP format.

Do you agree that ALL the information is required to achieve the objective?

In any event I will not be changing my MO because it is simply quicker and less troublesome.
Why if something is not broken should you try to fix it?

The option is available to all model export formats and also even when exporting a drawing there is an option in the export menu for not exporting hidden sketches as well.

I do not understand your question about something not been broken - we stay on the look out for all user updates and act as swiftly as possible in a situation if there is a bug from our end.

I’ve got 860 sketches, 250 bodies and 25 planes, and feel about 25% complete. It’ll still take 5-10 minutes with this process of hiding when exporting to print.
I’ve come to a mental block now, because I can’t design, build and add to the bigger design, because the pain of trying to 3d print one part takes too long.
I think I got carried away and thought I could simply work within one ‘design’ when I’m testing and learning each of the multitude of parts.
Any further tips on ideal workflow appreciated…

IMO it is about finding the most efficient way to complete tasks. Quicker is better, alternatives that take longer are counter productive.

If you are not running a late model iPad that will impact performance.
Have you tried breaking the Design down into components?
Experiment with, say, noting the Number of Sketches that will function fairly rapidly in the process you are working on. Then add more Sketches until the iPad is struggling to process within a reasonable time.
Find the max point and then the real crunch is when you combine two of these Smaller Designs interact. I would expect some performance increase. Good luck

The ipad pro 12.9 with less than 512 gb has only 4 gb ram. Only the largest memory ipad has 6 gb ram I found out in Cupertino last month! So for optimal performance you need the most expensive ipad pro! Nobody told me the difference in ram before

I was unaware that there is a difference in RAM based on Storage capacity with the 2018 iPad Pro 3rd Generation models.

I sounds like you chose a Storage capacity of less than 512 Gb?

All the ‘experts’ were quick to say the 2018 iPad Pro is the one to go for but nobody, including the Apple Sales person I dealt with, mentioned the ‘small print’. So small infact that it is missing from current Apple iPad blurb on their web site.

Understanding your predicament it is appreciated that you may be reluctant to embark upon a series of ‘experiments’ to find out what your iPad can handle.

You may find this helpful:

If the File is sensitive then there is nil option but to ‘begin’ the task, often one started thing get easier. Although it does not sound like a five minute job.
Given the size of your File if you are prepared to place it on a Download Site, advising info via PM of course, I am happy to investigate possibilities.

Hi Rob - A recommendation can be that you sort the bodies and planes in folders. This way you will simply tap on the hide icon by the folder to hide all components within the folder instead of having to hide components one by one every time you need to export a design part.

I’m using the 1TB with 6GB Ram iPad Pro 11 inch so slowed a little on the rendering (but no big deal). I became interested in the iPad Pro from rendering full frame photos using Lightroom Mobile, hence I went for the top specs. My current design size is 16MB and performance is not an issue.

Thanks Victor, I’ll look at labelling folder designs to assist with workflow…

for backlog of improvements: can folders automatically group by proximity of shapes/planes within the design?

Hi Rob, you are welcome :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback - this can be more relative to bodies as they get into the Items window when created on the workspace plane.
However, I will pass on your feedback to our product team

One solution is to create each part separately and export it as a STEP solid. To combine solids, import them into an existing design.

To expand on this approach. To be able to select a folder and have the option to only export it’s contents would be much quicker and easier. And with this, also have the option to ‘hide all others’ would also be very useful.

Selecting just the few components you want to export or work with makes much more sense than having to go through hiding the many you don’t want. Then add to this a toggle to jump back and forth between the objects/folder you are working on and the whole model. Or even a ‘grey all others’ etc.

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