Correctly positioning objects

Look at the picture…

I would like to know how I can position the lines correctly in relation to the circle. The short line at the bottom: how to center it below the center of the circle? The long line at the right: how to position it x mm below the centre of the circle and y mm to the right of the circumference of the circle?

I can use the grid and count the grid lines, but that’s not the way I want to do it.

Can anyone give me some hints?

Thank you.

Here’s one way:
Tap on the circle. This should identify the center position. Then draw a line from the center to the right, and from the center to the left, specifying the length you want. Then selected the line, and move it downward, again specifying the distance. Repeat for the other line as well.

Thank you @McD, but suppose the lines are already drawn. I expect some guide lines (through center) and guide points (middle of line) when moving the lines, but they don’t appear. Any hint?

While this is not how I would approach this, here is a video of how to move those lines, when they already exist. With the drawing you showed initially, I would redraw them using offset and the center of the circle to create the lines.

Hi @McD, I have no rights to see the videos.

Ok. I sent the link via a direct message. Let me know if that works.

Nope, same message.

Please write to and request access.

My circles were in a different sketch than my lines, therefore I had few guides to position my lines well. I retried making sure they were in the same sketch and things worked better. Still I would prefer more guide lines (through the center of the circle, a guide point in the middle of the line, …). It would be nice to have the possibility to activate some guide lines/points manually.