Move/Rotate point circle shape

I want the point to be on the circumference not in the middle of a circle.
What do I do?


I know I can do a line but is there other way?
I mean why just the circle?

Just a suggestion add to magnet tool a choice for a circle.

Because there are no guidepoints on the circle except the center. A magnet tool is an option. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps I’m missing something, but which point on the circle? Chayanne’s line suggestion seems both quick and flexible, since it allows complete control of where you want the pivot point. What would you suggest for the “standard” guide points? The corresponding x,y,z, directions or something else?

Personally, I would rather see continued improvements and enhancements to the purple guidelines which (to me at least) give a better visualization of the relationships between the various objects. Hopefully, this will be expanded to 3D objects in the near future.

My drawing style is perhaps quite different than yours, but I’m curious about your use case. I’m always interested in learning new and better ways of doing things.

Hello @Steve
We share the same opinion about guidelines
What I’m saying about circles “specially the one drawn on axis” the axis there for considered as line and the intersection point is valid for selection.

TBH I also like drawing a line in case there are parts of the circle to be cut.

But sometimes I do fast drawing for planning an idea. and where to start.