Set a line as tagent in it center to a design point of a circle

I have so hard times with center my sketches/shapes in Shapr3D.
I’ve decided to start over but it is still the same.
I have a line XXmm : I want it to be tengent on a particular point of a center in it middle.

To be practical, here is what I wanted : everything centered

Draw a radius from the center to the specific point, and use the midpoint constraint to it

Constrain the sketch in such a way you can move it with out changing it. All angles and lengths is a safe.
On the base line of the sketch you want to move, make a center point.
Lock down your circle (radius and fixed point)
Use the coincident constraint (will move the center point of the base line to the circle)
Use the tangent constraint

You can use the translate tool or the align tool.
Note: when you put the first tick on the translate tool you can drag it to the edge or corner.
Then use the replace face tool

Hello Michael and thank you !
1st video : at 0:38, I don’t have the Coincident available :confused:
2nd video : so cool offset !!! usefull
but Id’like to center it on the tube too (in lenght) as shown in this photo.

Ya it’s no problem, I thrive off likes in this form.

Coincidence: did you add a Center point to your baseline?

Are you saying to line the objects like this?

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Michael, thank you so much !
For 1st video : I select point instead of line so now it’s perfect thank you.
For 2nd video 0:06, I don’ have those useful dots :slight_smile:

Nice, ok, select the translate tool
Click once to add the tic roughly were you want it
Click that same tic and hold and drag
When you click and hold those points should appear

Then add the second tic on the object your translating too and repeat.

Also give the align tool a shot too