Crash reports

Hello Shapr3D team!

I have been using Shapr3D for quite some while and it’s been really amazing.

Recently, When I was trying to edit my designs the app kept crashing. I was prompted to send in the crash report.

I was just wondering whether my crash reports got sent because I don’t get any notification that they got sent or anything so I am kind of bewildered on that part.

It will give us, users, a sense of confidence if we get some notification that the report got sent or if it didn’t get sent then let us know so that we can do the necessary :relaxed::pray:

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Hi @Maddy1707 , I’m really glad that you like Shapr3D, and I’m sorry to hear about the crash. We do collect crash reports automatically, unless you opted out from it when you installed the app. If it keeps happening after the next release, please reach out to our team.