My design files crash shapr3d

when i was working on one of my designs, shapr3d crashed on me. now when i launch shapr3d and open the design, it still crashes the app. have i lost my design files or is there a way to repair this?

running on ipad pro 2018

Out of curiosity, we’re you playing with the lighting angle? I have two designs that are crashing the app each time I try to open them. This happened after I played with the lighting angle on both designs, with the latest version. I’ve uploaded both crash reports to support.

i had a couple of objects with the new visualizations / lighting but the app didn’t crash then. i was doing some other random thing when it crashed the first time. been unable to open the file ever since.

Upload the crash report to Support. They may be able to retrieve the file, and send it back.

Hey @danlee1, welcome to our forum.

Would you kindly write us a support ticket to help you resolve the issue?

Thanks Sebestyen, appreciate the help. I’ve emailed about this.

I had the same problem playing with the light rotation. Can’t open my file since.

Peter of Shapr3D Support is looking into this. Playing with the light angle, was the only thing I changed on both my files. Both files now crash the app. I’m not having any issues with my other files, but I’m staying away from the light adjustments until we all learn more. I’m hoping we can recover our work at some point soon.

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Yes, I’m looking into that.

While we are investigating the case of @McD, could you please @danlee1 and @Atelier share a short description of what led to the crash? Rotating lights is a great starting point for example.
Please also share the email address of your Shapr3D accounts in a support ticket, we’d be happy to check the workspaces if you have uploaded them after the crash.

I did several tweakings this morning with different files, trying to reproduce what I thought made the app crashing :
The app crashed with only one model (which has geometry problems, I come to this later)
For the « good » files, I applied different materials and changed the light rotation and intensity. I closed the file and repeated the process two or three times. The app didn’t crash.

For the « bad » model : I, again applied material (polished gold in this case), I once changed the light rotation and closed the model. I could open it again, then I changed once more the light rotation and closed the model. After this I couldn’t reopen it, the app crashes.

About this model :
Here is the unfinished version (no hinge, no clasp, the boolean unions aren’t done yet, since the finished version is lost because of the crashes)

The beginning has been made by a student of mine, I helped her to build the rest in Shapr. She made the faceted stars in Rhino, using surface modelling :

And those four stars are not good : holes or non manifold…I couldn’t fix them, and for this model was for imagery purposes only I thought it was enough to let them this way.
Here is the Shapr file :
BraceletEtoiles2.shapr (6.9 MB)
Best regards.


I just moved the environmental sliders around, then exited the visualization. The app didn’t crash then, but shortly thereafter. Once that happened, shapr will no longer open the file without crashing.

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Are you experiencing the crash in the release, or the visualization beta app?

For me, I experience it in the release version.

Thanks, we are on it!

One more question: was the file imported from the Beta, or always used in the release app?

Production app for me. I’ve never used the beta.

The file was always used in the release app

@danlee1 @Atelier We’ve started releasing a new version, 5.123, could you try updating and checking if you still crash or not? Might not be available everywhere yet, but if it is, in the App store you should see the update button.

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Hello Laci,
I checked why the new update, and now all is fine, I can open the file. Thank you !


The latest release also fixed my issue with app crashes. Kudos to the development team for such a quick turnaround.

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