Crashing when trying to save as STL

I’m still evaluating your product therefore I’m recording my design in STL medium. On some designs the app is crashing as follow:
Export : STL medium format
Importing ---- crash
Reopening the app .
Load successful.

Same as with the other problem, please send me your workspace so I can take a look at it.

How can I send you my work space ?
You mean screen shots ?
Thank you

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Send me the medium stl file for this problem. Screenshots for the other one pls. Hopefully we’ll find a solution.


You will find 3 different type of zip puller. I did them using different technic.
Unfortunately not one of them is giving me satisfaction… on all technics I found some problems that I managed to over come, but impossible to find a way with the bevels.
Thank you for your attention.
I can’t send you the STL as it is exporting.
Here is the screenshot in 2 parts as it not possible to sent 2 pics in the same email …
Thank you.


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I did that in January, canceled a long time ago … but still the same problem …

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Thanks for the screenshots! I sent you a private message, please take a look at it.
I’ll update this topic when this issue is resolved.

Hi. I’m also having the same crashing issue. It will export fine from some workspaces. But crashes from others

Sorry to hear that. If you have a pro subscription and you are willing to share your workspace with me, please send it to in shapr format. If you don’t have a subscription, PM me and we will work something out. Thanks!

Thank you. I’ll send you a download link…

I may have fixed this. I scaled down my model - perhaps it was just too big in the workspace to handle it?