Create a circle centered on an axis

Hi guys!

I’m desperately trying to create a circle that is centered on an axis and lies on a face.

Goal is to put a circular hole into an object at a specific point, exactly where a rotation axis needs to be placed.
That starting point is the intersection of the face of the object and an axis, which I constructed geometrically.

Is the only way really to create the circle at a reference point of e.g. an object edge and move it by measuring the parallel distances of the axis from the object edge ?

Particularly with objects that are rotated freely in the space this is really tedious and error prone.

So I figure I must be overlooking a trick how to simply center a circle ON a face (object or construction plane), centered around an axis (and being ideally perpendicular to that axis).

Thank you & Best Regards

Hey @Macher ,

thank you so much for your reply and taking the time to making a video.

I’ve tried to follow your instructions and the steps from the video, however it simply won’t “snap” to the axis when I create the circle - it’s just sitting somewhere, and I have no way of forcing its center point onto the axis.

The plane is perpendicular to the axis.
The axis is going through the plane.
But it simply won’t snap.

Do you have any Idea what I might be missing here ?

Thank you & BR