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I know that there are many ways to create and extrude test in other apps. as a designer and regular user of Fusion 360 and other modeling programs text tools are very important to creating a product and adding text to the product through extrusion.
However Shapr3d does not currently have that function. Simple modeling app such as Tinkercad off this as a primary function.

Is there any chance we can see a Text function built into the cad drawing portion of this app any time soon?


Same boat. Would love to get a text update soon.


Unbelievable but true. Since years we are all waiting for a text tool but only get announcements.


Hello - we try not to promise things. There has been some talks about it earlier, but it has never been on the short-term roadmap. Once it is on our roadmap, we will let you know for sure. Sorry about the wait, and hopefully the workaround will solve the issue in the interim period

Currently you can either import it, or draw it yourself.

@Rob created an alphabet earlier: Text file - ADD TEXT


The workaround by Rob is a little help. But question is why is this topic not on the short-term roadmap? Shapr3d is a very mighty tool and not many things are missing but a text tool is.

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August 2017, one of you guys said that it is on top of your roadmap!!


Because clearly, parasolid Siemens is a small company…they simply cannot afford research and development like this!

How can a tool with a subscription be mission such a basic functionality? Don’t tell me it is not basic or that I can just create my own! This tool is supposed to make life easier not more difficult. I can do text in any cad program out there with the only exception being Shapr3d…
I read the forums and this request have been “blown off” by the devs as not needed? How the heck? I know I will not renew my sub until this is part of the tool and maybe if other join we can speak with our wallets and not just into the wind…


It’s not an absolute necessity since drawings with text can be created in other iPad apps, but I agree that it’s a pretty basic feature for just about every other CAD program. I’d like to see support for text directly in a Shapr3D sketch added to shorten the workflow.

Can you please tell me which other ipad apps support text and can export to dxf or dwg for import into shapr? I cant find any . Illustrator doesn’t support , Vectornator doesn’t, Concepts doesn’t work. I tried pdf to dxf , that doesn’t work either. I need a pc to import text, its a big hassle.


I agree with " yufasa". This is basic functionality I have been waiting on for years. The reason any professional tool will have it is because professional tools are used by people with part numbers and revisions. Shapr3D is nothing more than a good “hobby use” tool without a native text editor. I have allowed my subscription to lapse and will renew when this feature is added. Or I will grow tired of waiting and migrate to some real software.

Hi all! In case you’ve missed the news, we’ve finally added the Text tool with the 5.30 release. You can now convert text into 2D sketches to extrude or embed them directly into your models, so just give the tool a spin and let us know how it works. Thanks for your patience & happy modeling!

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