Add text to models coming?

Do we know when the ability to add text to models will become available? This is and has been my number one need from day one since I started using this app. It’s been a 18 months years since I asked last.
I know you’ve said it’s on the to do list, but some indication would be great.

Yes there is a workaround but it’s cumbersome at best.

Hi - thanks for the wait, there is still no specific text tool as of now, but there has been two significants updates that can make the currentt workarounds much less cumbersome:

  • DXF/DWG import: You can import 2D sketches into Shapr3D
  • Project tool: You can project your sketches to planar, and non-planar surfaces.

Here we are over a year later…still no text feature

Ditto that

Not even a mention of working on it…How can this be? It is such a basic functionality for ANY cad system