Create vines in 3D space


I was wondering if someone can show me an example on how to create a vine (like a plant vine) in 3d space. I can create the outline with splines on one plane, but I’m having a hard time trying to manipulate the spline in 3D space.

I have a model I want to weave the vine between “wooden” pegs.

Thanks so much!

I would like to know too. I got some advice on there a while back and this was best I could do:

I will find the thread and post it here when I do

This may help? Can't figure out sweep

So far, the “best” approach I’m working with right at the moment is moving three independent circles around the objects I need in the X,Y,Z planes. I’m using the loft tool to connect the pieces to wrap around the objects. That might be the best approach I can think of. Very time consuming but it appears to be working. I wanted to see if there was a better way to do it :slight_smile:

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Here’s a way. Note the straight line after making the 3rd spline. I used it so the Move/Rotate indicator would line up correctly when rotating the 3rd spline.

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I ended up using warped circles and defining a path around my object. Lots of copying, non-uniform scaling, … . It didn’t turn out too bad. Definitely time consuming to say the least. I still have a bit more to go, but I think this method will do fine.

Seems to work just fine. Here’s mine taken one step further where I scaled the ends as I was performing various sweeps. It has a nice ‘root’ like quality.

Is there a way to manipulate a spline in all axes? It would be nice if I could move individual points on the spline. I like your approach because I can do it in smaller segments.

The way I have to do it is plan out the layout first and then loft everything at the end as opposed to small sections at a time. I tried doing small sections, but where one section ends and another starts, the joining of the two has too sharp of an angle and doesn’t look right.

Yes. My example consists of 3 different splines. After rotations, each of them are on separate planes in 3D space.

That worked out very well nix.