Creating a square

hey everyone. I just started using shapr in order to do some cnc routing. I have a few questions. if I wanted to make a square piece of wood I just make a rectangle and then make it square. thats easy. from there I can send it to my CAM and its away we go. I start to get confused when I want to make a recessed hole and then a smaller hole through that. I can do it in shapr but when I export it to easel or fusion 360 its not what I have in shapr. maybe im mixing up bodies and sketches or something. anyone have any advice on what appears to be simple but is ending up really hard for me?

What file format are exporting from Shapr3D?

I would like to export in svg or dxf. thanks

Export in STEP and then import into Fusion 360.

ill give it a go! thanks a bunch

thats it!!! thanks a ton. the workflow of shapr to fusion is so nice. for some reason I really dig the iPad and Apple Pencil for the design and fusion for fine tuning and manufacture set ups. thanks so much for your time.