SVG export


I’m looking for some truthful direction. I have tried the demos of both IOS and MAC OS versions of Shapr3d and am very impressed. I have also tried Fusion 360, for me Shapr3d just edges ahead because of the iPad Pro version but I need SVG export from the get go. Both are expensive subscriptions (Fusion 360 more so) and I have to decide this week, the programme is needed for my new design business and I have to watch every penny. The Shapr3d team say that SVG export ‘is on their list’ - but is it honestly a priority? I can’t wait months so I’m asking the Shapr3d to be honest, I’m about to commit a sizeable amount of money and ongoing loyalty to a 3D design programme, is SVG seriously on the horizon, should I commit to your programme or Fusion 360? An honest answer would help enormously, no PR spin please.

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Yes it is. Drawings are coming in a few weeks, and right after that we will implement svg export. Meanwhile you can export to dwg/dxf that you can convert to svg.


PS: @Seb_Shapr3D is working on this.