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I’m looking for some truthful direction. I have tried the demos of both IOS and MAC OS versions of Shapr3d and am very impressed. I have also tried Fusion 360, for me Shapr3d just edges ahead because of the iPad Pro version but I need SVG export from the get go. Both are expensive subscriptions (Fusion 360 more so) and I have to decide this week, the programme is needed for my new design business and I have to watch every penny. The Shapr3d team say that SVG export ‘is on their list’ - but is it honestly a priority? I can’t wait months so I’m asking the Shapr3d to be honest, I’m about to commit a sizeable amount of money and ongoing loyalty to a 3D design programme, is SVG seriously on the horizon, should I commit to your programme or Fusion 360? An honest answer would help enormously, no PR spin please.

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Yes it is. Drawings are coming in a few weeks, and right after that we will implement svg export. Meanwhile you can export to dwg/dxf that you can convert to svg.


PS: @Seb_Shapr3D is working on this.


Drawings has been and gone, still no svg export.

Here’s what I do - Export as STL, load in to Simplify3D to make sure I’m in the right units (although with a little more review this step may not be necessary), import into Tinkercad and convert to SVG. Painful but works ok.

We are working some foundational technical issues to be able to deliver it this year.

Bit too long for me to invest so much on your subscription model without a guaranteed date, I love your program but I can get svg export in the free version of F360. Shame as I really liked your iPad Pro version.

Daff - I use both. I love being able to draw out stuff on my Ipad with shapr3d but I just fired up Fusion360 to do a threaded rod with bolts because of their thread feature. Shapr keeps getting better and better. - Speaking of which I just tested my 3DConnexion spacemouse on the mac version and no go so would love to see that capability added.

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It will come soon :wink: We are working with them to implement it.

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I’m moving on from Shapr3D, they promised .svg export ages ago and there’s still no sign of it, they’ll probably reply to this post saying it’s coming.

@Daff it finally came, sorry it took a while. You can read more about it on a short summary I posted here: SVG Export local alternative - #9 by Seb_Shapr3D

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Thanks for letting me know, unfortunately I moved on and learned another program with .svg export as standard. My priority wasn’t your priority, no problem.

My subscription is up for renewal next week, please be on notice that I won’t be renewing, I have informed Paddle.

Best of luck to all of you for the future.

I’m so excited that Shapr3d now has an export capability to SVG. In my first use to export a Shapr project for Laser cutting I found that the exported SVG had been output scaled up in size.
The exported SVG was approximately 20% larger than the Shapr model. Is there anything I should be doing to preserve a 1 to 1 scaled export?


I also just tried exporting in svg for use with a cnc plasma cutter. My measurement, for example, grew from 16 inches to 19.2035 inches.
This is one of the reasons I bought shapr3d last year, and when i can get it to export properly, it will greatly improve my workflow in designing parts for cutting with my plasma cutter and router.
Please let me know if I’m missing a step, I’m very excited to see this become a priority.

@Msmetalmagic @KEMCAM

It’s a DPI issue. Can you adjust the DPI for the SVG file in your software?

I’m importing into sheetcam. I will see if I can adjust the dpi.
Most of the other vector software on the iPad seems to under size drawings, I import them at 1:1.25 and they come out perfect.
Maybe something similar could be done here.

I am updating sheetcam which will give me the ability to change import dpi from 90 to 96

So I’m told updating windows 7 is a bad idea, and that means im unable to update sheetcam. So when I import a drawing from shapr3d, i set the scale at 1 to .9375, and that seems to work it out