Migrate Fusion 360 designs to Shapr3d?

I have about 3 years ofd using Fusion 360 for 3D designs to be 3D printed to sell in my etsy stores. At first I got away with a free license but they changed policies and I had to buy a license. It is up for renewal in a month and it is pretty expensive.
While Shapr3d is expensive as well it is less than 360 and I am trying to move from my imac to my ipad pro.
Are there files that 360 can export that will work in Shapr3d where I can change the design… like a diameter or extrusion or a dimension etc. And if so what export option should I use?


Hi Robert,
as Fusion does no Parasolid-export, STEP would be the way to go.
As long as the exported files lead to a solid, you can edit it in S3D - but avoid exporting mesh-data (STL for instance), that will cause you a headache. :wink:
If you think fusion and S3D are expensive you should have a look at the pricing of Onshape, SolidWorks, SolidEgde, Inventor, NX, Catia… :wink:
BR Matt