Creating a "stacked" object


I am new to 3D modelling, and I need to understand how to create a “stacked” object (a “sandwich” like) from several simple (more or less identical or similar) simple objects. Finally, I need to have the ability to 3D print or CNC each of simple objects, the compound is necessary for me for simulation purpose.
I will provide this example, to make clear what I need.

At this moment, I can draw only one slice.
Any help is welcome

Put each item in its own folder. Then when you export as STL you can flip the option to “Save Each 1st-Level Item Separately”. That will produce a zip file with multiple STL files in it. I am not sure the best way to do that for DXF/SVG exports thought.

To produce the “same” object multiple times just select it and the use the option to “move/rotate” select the “copy” option and then just drag it up to where you want. If they object was in a folder it will produce a new folder for the copied object. You can repeat to make as many copies as you need.

thnx. I will try and then come back.


I was able to draw my object, but I’m still away from the “output” stage. More to learn.
Now after I have my object “glued”, I have to de glue and put the pieces on a sheet of something.