My first design in Shapr3D, How to export individually each part of my design.?

Hello everyone, this is my first design:

My question is this: I have been including new parts to this design, but now that I have it ready I want to print each part in 3D, however I do not know how to generate the .STL files of each piece separately.

This design is an equipment for detecting high voltage in cables of electric submersible motors for the petroleum industry. I still have to design some parts to be able to adjust the device to the cable shell. The voltage is detected by electromagnetic induction.

Unfortunately the idea arises as a result of a fatality of a co-worker. Obviously, I am manufacturing this equipment in his honor.

Thank you.



good afternoon,
first of all a very nice and elaborate design, congratulations!
What I do is duplicate the project by separating parts, I mean, so I see your design you have the base and a cover, what I would do is duplicate the project and leave those two parts, moving the bodies with their final name in the root, without folders. then you export it as STL, the safest thing to be in * .zip since there is more than one body. If there were only one, it would be directly exported in * .STL.
you repeat the operation with the parts that you are interested in exporting.
If you export directly with folders then you can not move or separate items, at least it is what happens to me. in this way I have all the elements separated. This is how I prepare it to print in 3D.
I hope I explained myself well and helped you!
a greeting

Gracias por su respuesta, es muy amable. Lo de duplicar los proyectos para separar las piezas si es efectivamente una opción aunque me parece que debería ser más sencillo… lo que no he visto aún es si genero un .zip de pronto dentro de este vienen los archivos separados. Voy a probar.

Estaba mirando sus proyectos… y veo que usted es un duro dibujando… excelentes diseños y creatividad.


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