Recommendation for next update

Shapr3D team,

Hoping in the next update when you want to export STLs via mail, to allow which 3D files you want to send.

For example if you have in your design 5 objects and want to send via email, we only have the option now to send it as one whole piece or click on separate and each part goes to the recipient. But if I wanted to only send 3 of the files and not all of them, I do not have the option to unless I copy that design into a new design.

Would be great if I can keep my project in one area then export STLs as I choose them.

Would also love:

In our design home tab, if we can create folders for work and organize them.

Right now its just one page where all of our files are stored and the one you worked on recently is brought to the front. Would like to have folders to categorize work.