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![image|346x500](upload://zzaDygW2eJm7Vsz3yQJWigW8ivv .jpeg)
I am trying to create the fuselage fairing below the tube structure, there is a longer one and a shorter one. You will see I have the fuselage profile on the sketch but I am struggling to create the fairing shape. I have tried lofting, revolving and combining shapes but I am not getting it correct. My first time of posting here so hope I am getting it right.

I think I would try creating a vertical construction plane parallel to the fuselage centerline and sketching the profile of the fairing.

I have tried similar but how then do I develop the shape. Basically I need to develop the square shape with rounded corners, on the vertical into an ellipse shape on the horizontal and those are at 90 degrees to each other. At the same time that shape needs to be intersected by the tube shape.

I’d divide the plane to multiple shapes and creating each one separately then unit them.
Edit : from looking I can see that the body contain 2 shapes, maybe 3

Can you please upload the blueprint or some sketches you are working with? I am afraid I do not exactly get what you are looking for :confused:

Sure, I will do that later, when I am home from work.

After sketching on the plane I suggested, you would use extrude and fillet then use move and scale on various edges and surfaces to shape your fairing as you need it. This is something I drew that is similar.

Sorry for no video.

Hi there,
Here is a Q&D method of creating the fairing and attaching it to the main fuselage. I simply eyeballed everything here. Disregard the pointed fuselage and the rework to round it out. Hope this helps.


Thank KPeter, I am redrawing some of my entire design, but some of the guys have already given me some ideas, but I will be back I am sure, on this topic and many more.

Thank you for the ideas, I am tweaking most of my design, but you have prompted some alternatives.

Good ideas, thanks for those, I am reloading at the entire design, but this is of great help.

High Alt Wellington.shapr (6.6 MB)
I am back with this same problem. I have totally redrawn the entire section that I am trying to model, and have improved areas that were not quite correct.
I hope that my model will load, as I am not sure if I have done the link correctly. The part I now need to get right is the front bottom end. Firstly I need the bright green area to blend with the red area, and then I need to create the curved shape in front of that. I have tried so many extrude. Lotta and revolve options, subtracting bodies etc. But I cannot find a way to achieve what I need. Please help me to create this or point me in the direction of a tutorial that may help.

You should think about the basic shapes that build up your model and leave the detailing for the end of your modeling process. Instead of creating the red body and the green one on the bottom of it, you should create it as one body.
In the video below you will see that the tubular shape is created then I made an intersection. It was necessary to make the bottom part thinner than the diameter of the tube and get a clear overlap. The bottom part can be a simple extrusion which is cut to its latest shape later from a side view with a spline for example. With this workflow, the front curved shape can be created in one step.
As you can see in the video, you may have to play a bit with the fillets because of the projection and the splines.

Let me know if it helps,

ps: what you can also see on my recording, holiday playlist is on :smiley:

plane body.shapr (212 KB)
This what you mean ?

After fillet

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Not quite, but I am working on it

Thank you this has given me some ideas, but not sure if it will solve all my problems. I am trying to make and adapt parts to be used on commercially available kits so it means I have to measure and adapt to mail them fit the kit, so I do not have given and precise measurements to work from in the first place.
However I really do like Shapr3D and have already created some parts that have been perfect. I am just struggling to develop these more complex parts. However I have only been working with the program since August, and I do not get as much time as I would like to draw and learn. I do have a mechanical drawing background from about 30-40 years ago (pencil and pen on a drawing board) but have not drawn in CAD never mind 3D. So I understand mechanical drawing and what I want to achieve it is just taking time and practice.

I share your experience. I’m 2 years into Shapr3D and it pretty much feels second nature now to create 3D geometry whether simple or complex. I just had to adapt to a different work flow having the same mechanical drawing years of experience as you.

As you may have already discovered, sometimes you can make a complex shape starting from a simple body, or by combining multiple geometries like some of the examples above. I find that other times it works by creating a dummy object, like the negative space of a mold, in order to add, subtract or intersect to get the desired result.

Part of my workflow is to make copies of work-in-progress geometries (moving them some known distance and hiding) while I continue trying to accomplished my intended design. Good luck.