Help joining 3D shape/Creating curved shape

Hello everyone,

I’m new to 3D drawing so I’m sorry if my questions are very amateurish!

I’m trying to design a replacement grille for a front bumper of a car. I’m working on the right side only in the picture. I figured I could mirror it later.

The first problem I have is at the tight corner in the bottom right which I’ve shown here. I drew the rough shape/size of the grille in a line and then the shape of the body with the channel where the bumper cover locks in centered on that line. Then I used the sweep function to get where I am now. What I can’t figure out is how to join this corner. Sweep won’t work because it’s too tight of a radius for my shape. I tried revolve but that doesn’t work for the same reason. The view here in this picture is from the front of the grille and it’s very important that however I do this that I keep the 3mm wide square channel that my draw line goes though true to shape around the curve on the front side. This is where the bumper cover fits/locks into the grille piece.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is the original grill piece I’m trying to replicate. I’m trying to get the main outer frame drawn and then redesign the fill portion inside the middle of the grill.

Hello, That is an awesome project to learn Shapr3D!

Please take a look at the videos below:
The first one is about the curved shape. When you have the planar contour, you have to create a bent shape to project the curve onto (this is the big random shape in the video). The curve should be projected onto the selected face. It will result in an edge, which is totally fine. Later it can be used as a path for sweeping.
For creating the cross section to sweep, a new construction plane may be needed. There are some options to create that plane, in the video Perpendicular to Curve at Point was used. It is useful to create that plane at an extremum of the curve because of the next step, which is a projection. In the video the edge is projected onto the plane to get an exact point where the projected edge intersects the plane. This can be a reference when creating the cross section for the sweep.

For connecting the edges, just make the extrusions (parts of the frame) intersect with each other, create two bodies to split the frame and it is ready :slight_smile:

I hope they are helpful!

Thank you!

I appreciate the quick response. I was able to join the edges of the bodies easily as your second video showed but once I did the chamfer/fillet function will not allow me to apply the curve in the bodies to that corner at all based on the geometry of my extrusion. It says can’t compute geometry.

I have attached my Shapr3D file as it stands here to this message for you to look at. Please let me know how you would approach this.

Grill Test 2.shapr (532 KB)

Thank you for the file! I see the problem, I think you should go for the sweep with much simpler cross-section. As you can see in the video below, some fillet had to be deleted from the horizontal edges to make the filleting of the vertical edge possible. With the simpler cross section the sweep may succeed :slight_smile:

Ps.: please do not forget Unioning the bodies together to get the edge for filleting