Curved triangle

How can I make a cureved triangle that is curved at only one axis? Apologies for my sketching. Sketch attached. 875247A8-3519-4CFA-8DE3-B2D35B79C4C1

I am not sure if I understand correctly, but I think you want to make a sweep:

It would seem to me that one should see the apex and sides of triangle in the Bottom view. Otherwise it seems like an impossible figure?


Not sure what the rear view would look like without attempting to draw…



After thinking about this a bit, you could start with an A-Frame solid and add/subtract an appropriate part of a sphere. But I doubt that you will get straight lines at the intersections…

This would not match exactly match your sketch…



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@Istvan thank you for your reply but I am not sure if Sweep tool will help me with this.

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Hi, Proprash, i was able to draw this by extruding a thick triangle, creating 2 big cylinders, overlapping and then subtracting the cylinders so that the remaining cylinder (crecent moon from top view), has a convex and concave wall of the same radius. I then used the replace face tool to replace one flat wall of the triangle with the convex wall of the cylinder. For some reason I couldn’t get replace face to work with the concave wall of the cylinder, so I tried the subtraction tool and it worked.
Sorry, I just noticed that the bottom edges of the triangle aren’t on radius. I’ll try it again😙

OK I think I got it this. Good luck!

Give me a sec I’m just Remembering the photos they don’t load in the proper order. So make sure you view them based on the number I assigned as opposed to how you see them.



Thank you @Mif. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your help!

I made a video with the approach I would take on this:

Looking back at the original post, I realize I made the same mistake of not having the bottom edges slant toward the origin point. I can think of a few ways to address this, it I’m going to bed for the time being!

Which app do you guys use to make your video tutorials? (For the way it highlights the Pencil tap locations, for instance)

We use iOS built-in screen recorder. We have developed a mode to highlight interactions (fingers and pencil). You can turn this on in your iPad settings, under Shapr3D: tutorial%20mode

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Very elegant solution!



I like seeing different approaches like this. It helps me think outside the box. However, this solution suffers the same problem as mine, with the shape of the edges

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Thank you everyone for great suggestions and solutions.