Custom built stairrails for a customers new home

Shapr3d made this job so much easier. Being able to design this custom railing for a customer, show them what it will look like, and print out blueprints for each piece. Can’t beat it!


Great work :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


Really nice work! Thanks for sharing…



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that’s really neat. Nothing I do goes into the real world so it’s cool to see physical things being designed in shapr. In the end I wonder what percentage of users will be like me, designing purely digital stuff, and how many will be using it for physical construction projects/3D printing etc? 50/50?

I think your creations, distressed renderings and lighting are very convincing, and I can see how shapr3d might be a great tool for you.

In my case, I only design for production, and I’m constrained by how things can be physically made. whether they be through additive or subtractive processes. And physics can be very limiting.

As Billy Bragg once remarked, the laws of gravity are very, very strict. I’m glad you’re able to escape some of those constraints-

I’m sorry, that was a bit rude, I thought I was replying to a different thread- yes, shapr3d is really very useful for construction too, particularly on site, just the other day I was able to make a detailed model very quickly- nice stair model-

Great work!!


I may have misunderstood what you were saying, but the photos of the rail inside the home are real. Not renderings.

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Yes, I’m tying myself up in knots here, but I tend to use the word model erroneously and interchangeably between the model and the product- in that one defines the other-