Shed build


Top marks to the app developers. Such any easy app to use; such immediate feedback; such great visuals. Designing this hybrid greenhouse/project shed using Shapr3D let us work with many different designs and materials to get the right combinations to satisfy all the stakeholders before the build even started, plus work through some design questions with our roofing engineer, 18,000km away, using exact illustrations to avoid any confusion. When it came to the actual build, not only did this make things like quantity survey much easier, it avoided any misunderstandings between owner, designer, builder, and suppliers, and anticipated problems before they emerged - right down to the custom steel flashing, designed mm perfect. Love this app.


Nice work!

And how did you relate build dimensions? Do all stakeholders use Shapr3D?




No one else used it. I used the screenshot function and then annotated the images in notability with dimensions. I’m the designer and builder, and the owner is on site, so we could share my tablet and work on it together.


I really like the design.
This is how I use Shapr3D for my day job. I find having built the project once in the iPad by the time I get to construction I have a clear idea of what needs to be done.
A great deal of attention to detail has gone into the building. Excellent work.

Best wishes


Fantastic design, fantastic results!!! Very well done!!! Congratulations!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Thanks for the tip on Notability. Have been trying various annotation aids but haven’t thought of that.




This is what I gave to the guy who was fabricating our flashing and he was delighted with it


Nice work and it is always nice to see the final product in real life!

In this kind of modeling it would be even more efficient if there was a way to create components of the same pieces of wood, windows, etc. if you happen to change the main dimensions in some stage of the project.


This is what I gave the guy fabricating our granite. He was impressed and said he gets lots of sketches on napkins. Used ArcSite after doing in Shapr3D.

Drawing 1.pdf (66.5 KB)