Custom Point 2D Drawings

I dont know if this dont work or i dont get it right, but is it possible in 2D Drawings to set a custom measurement point? All the points i can click on are set automatically from shapr. But i cant measure what i want? Can anyone help?

Could you perhaps include a screenshot here and draw where you’d like to place your measurement? Engineering drawings are per definition aimed to show precise measurements, so ad-hoc placement is rarely useful. On the other hand, it is possible to place additional centerlines and marks and with those, define lines and points that go beyond the 3D geometry but are still precise.

Hi. I made screenshots and sketch what i want to measure. At first i would need the absolute horizontal and vertical distance from the groove. Its a hidden line in this case. Then i would need the distance between the grooves from left and right. These are necessary measures for glasses. Third but not very important would be a center mark from each lens. Is this archivable? In general i dont understand why Shapr set points where there are.

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for sharing your workflow and the visuals. I can’t commit to a deadline yet, but with our team we currently focus on Drawings and we are planning to improve on 2D Drawing dimensioning in general and your use case is also on our mind to make it supported.

Regarding the points you mentioned, there are many arc type of lines on a glasses design, so this is the reason we show many center points to dimension to. These disappear at a certain zoom level and are not visible on an exported drawing. If there is a centermark that is important to highlight you can add one from the geometry tools and that one will stay visible regardless of the zoom level.

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Thank you for your answer. I appreciate that. I’m excited to see what the future holds.