Customize 2D Drawing Template

Hi there:

I am very new to Shapr3D so this may be an amateur day question. How do I customize my drawing template in order to add some basic information:

Company Name and Logo
Part number, revision, date
Drawn, Checked, and Approved initial sections in the title block
Confidential and proprietary language

More complex tasks like:

Generate explode view of the assembly with annotations for individual part numbers

Also, is Shapr3D compatible with any revision control systems like SVN repositories (Versions for Mac) or anything like that?



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At the moment it seems you can only change the title in the title block by renaming the drawing in the sidebar and this is limited to around 23 characters.

You could always add additional information by adding a ‘note’ after first clicking on ‘text’.

You can either click in a blank space or select a line in the drawing. Selecting a line will add an arrow that points to the selected line.

As far as I am aware there are no options to ‘explode’ the view.

Shapr3D does not have a revision control system built in and I’m not sure whether or not it is compatible with any.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the information. I think with these techniques; I can certainly get by. Appreciate the help and love the community. Thanks again.



Keith Odland

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You’re very welcome.

And… welcome to a fantastic community!