2D Drawing edits

Hello, I have been using Shapr3D for several months now and have been overall fairly impressed with the features and performance for being an iOS app (I use it on my ipad). I was wondering when the capability to edit the title block in 2D Drawings would come out as it was mentioned in 4.12 - Step-ups for 2D Drawings? This would be an absolutely amazing feature to be able to include things like material, tolerences, article number etc. or to be able to freely edit, add and subtract the text boxes. I am working on a project building an industrial sized 3D-Printer/CNC-Machine at VW in Germany and these features would make it a lot easier to create drawings for custom parts to be CNC-machined for the project instead of having to include and extra text with all of the necessary information.
This topic was touched on as I mentioned, but I havent found any recent activity or updates on the topic.

Any info would be helpful,


Hi @Clay1 , Drawings is an extremely important part of Shapr3D, and we keep investing in it. I can’t give you an exact timeline for the features that you mentioned, but all of them are on our roadmap. I’d say that around the end of the year you can expect improvements in the Drawings feature.


Okay, great thank you so much for the info! Looking forward to seeing it!

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