Cut / remove portion of object

I want to remove or cut off the top half of an object I have drawn. I am not sure how to do that.

Make a box, and use the subtract tool to cut it out from your body.

Part of what I am having trouble with is only parts of my shape are being subtracted. I make sure the box completely covers the whole part of what I want gone. But apparently anything that was added on to the shape that is covered by the box still remains, since I can’t select it. I have to partially subtract pieces as I go. Slow, but does eventually work.

Thank you. That did work. I now seem to have the hang of it.

My latest problem is how to get all pieces flat on the same bottom X axis. Somehow they have become higher and lower. I went through the various views and used the move function to try to line them up. Hoping there is a better way.

Joe O.

Have you tried the translate tool?

Not sure what all the translate tool is capable of, but I do get an object to move with it. It seems I can use either translate or move.


Joe O.

Joe, I was having that same problem until I discovered that I had to go to each specific view first before starting my sketches on it. It seems to work for me anyway.


I am using the beta version of shapr3D. I imported a stl object from Thingiverse. Great so far. I want to redesign the object part. I tried creating a rectangle and do the subtraction function. I am able to select most of what I want to delete. The last little bit fails. I basically want to cut the part, apart. Then add a piece in its’ place.

I’ve tried to import stl items, but it doesn’t allow this? How did you do it?