Database for importable objects

If anyone here has completed the tutorials, the “electric engine.” lesson has a section were the student imports a hardware item from a online carrier-mcmaster catalogue. Ive learned that Shapr3d runs on the better known modeling engine that Solid works uses. Can anyone provide links to a searchable data base of hardware and pipe supply’s for mechanical systems? Some of the common distributors I use are L.H. Dottie, Fastenall, Ferguson Pipe supply, MRC Global, George Fischer, SWagelok, Nibco, Apollo and Hobonim. I do get into specialty items , usually on power piping for industrial steam systems and in those cases, would it be possible to take multiple still frame pictures, video with Ipad pro or what’s available from a catalogue and build and accurate “placeholeder” to work off of until I had access to physically scan it myself?
I can build standard pipe fitting as those dimensions and tolerances are standardized through ansi and various organizations. It would be a real time saver if their were importable assets that would be better constructed and leave less room for error of lines breaking apart and not intersection correctly.