Standard parts catalog

Is there standard parts catalogs in the market for standard hardware so I don’t have to create my own?

Fasteners, raw material stock such as 2x4, plywood , maybe tools for shop layout, …?

Either for a fee or no cost?

I have been using AutoCAD for years and an associate recommended I look at Shaper3D.
Very nice UI and design features but being new to it I can’t find any parts catalogs and therefore it takes very long to create assembly of parts. Construct any design of more than one part and assemble the parts + create shop drawings.

Maybe we can do this with Shaper but I’m not aware.

Hello Chuck,
you may find several sources for components online.
For example:

Community-based content:

But I would not suggest using that for screws, nuts and washers, because the parts will have different internal IDs and (when we will have assemblies and mates between parts in Shapr3D one day) the mates will fail, wenn one screw is exchanged with annother.
I highly recomment modelling a master-part for every type of fastener and make the different sizes by makin copies of that master-part.

I cannot see the advantage in having plywood in a part-library, at least not for CAD-purposes. In regards of material-handling it may come in handy to have an article-number for that, so you can refer to that as raw-part-number… but to extrude a rectangle sketch with the exact dimensions needed will be way faster than opening a Library-part, save as, and changing the dimensions…
Cheers Matt


Lots of hardware here many of which can be downloaded as 3D models. I’ve downloaded many gear sizes which I’ve used in projects for 3D printed prototypes.


McMaster Carr works really well, and description, and price are easy to pull……i make my list for assemblies that i label the use of on their order form. Best library for me.

Thank you for sharing this info…
this is exactly what I was looking for.

I imported parts in 3D IGES format and it worked great.

Brought in the parts as a single solid.

Thank you for sharing… good sites for mfg. suppliers