Datasmith link to Twinmotion

Datasmith link to Twinmotion. I believe twinmotion is one of the most promising (realtime)render software for Product design / interior design and Architecture. Most software packages have direct links to twinmotion, meaning every update made in the original design will be directly updated in twinmotion.

At this point I have to export an Obj file every time I change something in Shapr. The problem is that a exported .obj file from Shapr is always mono-colored, meaning I have to re-texture my file body by body which is very time-consuming.


While we experimented with Datasmith, it was only good for pre-viz (we do gaming assets).

However, I did use it to experiment with a project for a house and yes, it’s a pretty impressive product: I can see why interior design and architecture is keen on it.

The other problem with OBJ files is they do not have mesh hierarchies: you cannot group items in Shapr3D and have them remain grouped in an OBJ file (it just doesn’t have that kind of structure). FBX does.

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A Datasmith link is a great timesaver and keeps your project clean and up to date.

I am using Twinmotion from UE just for real time visualization and pathtrace rendering
and Yes, the hierarchy is a big problem for me too. I now export folders from shapr into .OBJ and then import them one by one into twinmotion. Every time I update a part in Shapr I have to re-export this folder and re-texture it In twinmotion. Its very time consuming.

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Any news on this , most sottware have this option. rhino, solid works , sketchup pro to name a few.

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Hi @sander , Datasmith integration is not on our roadmap at the moment.

Thank you for your response. I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider adding the option to your roadmap, as it is a feature that is already available in almost any other CAD software. I think this feature would undoubtedly be beneficial to many users.

On another note, I am very impressed with how Shapr works, particularly the modelling workflow on the iPad. It allows me to create detailed drawings while on the go, which is why I use it almost daily. However, the integration with other software is lacking, and I believe that in order to continue using it effectively, it needs to seamlessly connect with other programs. Shapr has the potential to be used for both industrial part production and interior space visualization, but in order to achieve this, it needs to offer features similar to those found in SketchUp Pro and Solidworks, such as instant connectivity to visualization software and the ability to create proper technical drawings. Currently, generating and updating drawings and visuals is proving to be too time-consuming. Although I understand that architecture may not be your main focus anymore, I believe that Shapr could compete with SketchUp Pro in terms of professional portability if these features were added.

I am also a twinmotion user. I MUCH prefer building my shapes in shapr3D, but have been forced to start using Sketchup on iPad and using that to build, then render it in twinmotion. I can use datasmith if I am on windows desktop, or use ipad and export and then transfer it to windows, and continue to adjust using datasmith there. Twinmotion preserves all the different materials with imported .skp files, but not .obj. I love using shapr3D but I am stuck here if I can’t figure out a faster way to get from building to visualization between the two programs. I don’t even need datasmith, I just need each individual body in shapr3D to be a separate body/piece/object in twinmotion. Have you figured out any more tips and tricks on this? Again, I’m not as concerned abohtt datasmith here as I am about simply getting a complex architectural project out of shapr3D and into twinmotion, no matter what the process is. thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you for sharing your concerns. Currently, my workflow involves exporting groups of elements in obj format to Twinmotion. Whenever I make any updates in Shapr, I have to reimport these groups back into Twinmotion, which can be a messy process. In another topic we discussed using glTF Export files from shapr to twinmotion. This would probably be a good solution, because it would take the colors and materials from shapr files into twinmotion or other software. Unfortunately, I feel like I might have to switch from Shapr3D to Sketchup Pro and Solidworks or Revit because they have a Datasmith link, which makes the workflow much smoother. However, I do appreciate Shapr3D’s elementary workflow, and I actually find it to be the best modeling software out there for the Ipad.I believe that Shapr3D has the potential to be amazing software if only two things are improved: 1) connectivity to 3rd party software and 2) a better technical drawing features.

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