shapr3D to Twinmotion workflow

OBJ is the only mutual file format which is compatible with both shapr3D and twinmotion 2023. I have huge architectural projects in shapr3D, with multiple bodies which of course would have different materials applied to them (concrete, wood, tile, etc) in the actual rendering process in twinmotion. however, when I export an OBJ file from shaper 3D, it imports in twinmotion as a single object, to which I can a apply only one single material of all of the components. does anyone know a way to get a shapr3D file with many different separate pieces exported as an OBJ with separate parts, so I can apply individual materials to individual parts in my rendering program? I don’t want to cancel my shapr3D subscription because I love the intuitive interface and how easily and quickly I can build out architectural projects.

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whaou, cela ne préoccupe pas beaucoup l’équipe shapr3D apparemment. alors que le rendu est primordiale dans le domaine de la CAO aujourd’hui surtout pour une présentation est twinmotion est l’outil idéal pour cela