Deform bodied

Hey is there a way to deform a body? Say I wanted to push in at certain points bending the object?

Hi, in the toolbar you can find a Move/Rotate tool under Transform. After grabbing the tool you can select edges, faces, or bodies which can be moved and rotated. When you activate the tool, a gizmo pops up which is like a pivot point for the transformation. This gizmo can be moved and snapped to specific points to make transformation more precise.

On a similar note, I’m trying to create an ornate picture frame, is there a way to bend an object, is draw an outline for something like a leaf, but the once extruded, bend parts to give it shame (sorry to hijack, but i think its along similar lines)

Then once I have object I’d like to bend the to a frame shape

Currently, you cannot bend the bodies you create but you can create the shape which you would like to bend the body around, then draw and project the contour of the desired body and extrude it from the projected curves. That way you can cut too, like in this video:

I think boolean operations will be useful in your workflow too:

How did they make the red box in the video. Is there a video that shows how they made all the pieces before the intersection tool.

One piece before subtracting all the holes.
Just a revolved profile, imagine it’s a section cut out of a shallow bowl… then all those holes poked thru it.

It it might have been a simple long thin rectangle swept along a gentle curve, then cut or intersected to its outside edge shape.

Once again thanks for the help. This is why I try to read the forum a few times a week.

OooooooOoh i can work with that :slight_smile:

That’s probably the hardest part of learning a new package, the different methods for doing similar things!


The replies have been great and I have picked up some ideas.

I don’t think I really clarified my original ask. Yet others have added to making it much better. One thing I am looking to do and it might not be easily possible is make a rock texture. So just being able to tweak the shape a little bit.

Fabric is another I would like to do but I might just need to move this to another program and manipulate it there.

For texturing like that, or to deal with more organically convoluted shapes like a natural rock surface you want to use an app like Nomad Sculpt. You can export a model you initially build in Shapr into Nomad to add more gestural features.