How does one bend a solid object?

IMG_1941 I want to put this solid window frame on a curved wall. Easy either draw a line down the middle of the frame and use that as a bending point. Or draw the shape on the curved wall and extrude.
I have been driven nearly to tears trying to do this simple task. If one even had a solid cube how could one go about drawing a new line down the middle of it so it could become bendable?? Adding anchor points is another way of doing it but I can’t figure out how to do that either???

Let me wipe your tears, here is a hug: :hugs:

You can’t “bend” objects in Shapr3D. I would approach this by lofting a body, using the shell tool to hollow it, then I would subtract a cylinder. Let me know if this is not clear and I will make you a tutorial video.

Edit: instead of lofting you could also use the extrude tool and set a draft angle.

That would be a tutorial that would really help me too if time permits.

Here is a tutorial:

Note: in the end I accidentally selected a wrong body in the intersection tool, so I had to reopen the intersection tool, ignore the first attempt :slight_smile:


Ps.: obviously by adjusting the position and the size of the two lofted profiles, you can adjust the angle of the outer faces

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Kudos to Istvan for his video but I don’t think it does what the user wants; a simulation of bending the object. I don’t see why any lofting is needed. But I may be wrong and off base here.

The rectangular element is the Top view of the piece with excess. Draw a large circle to match the bend; move to thickness of desired end piece. Draw lines at end with 90 deg angles. Trim, Extrude, and Shell to desired outcome.

It seems to me that real life technique applied to solid modeling (bending) often complicates the problem. Better to focus on end result with the tools you have. And possibly start with simplified models to test technique.

Hope this helps…





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Neat! Indeed this works better with this simple profile.

Thank you Istvan! That is very helpful. :slight_smile: